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Tory Wikel:
Ohio  Sales

Since the age of 8, Tory Wikel has been involved with the Arabian breed. Tory grew up on the farm and has always had a love for the horses. From the start of her show career, Tory has been able to work with some of the best trainers in the country and shown successfully at a National level since 2008. Tory has been successful in both the halter and performance arenas, but finds a true joy at home on our Berlin Heights farm. From helping with newborn foals to breaking the young colts and caring for our retired stallions, Tory’s knowledge and love for the horses shows everyday in her work.

Tory exclusively works our own Pegasus-owned horses, but is also our sales representative for the Ohio farm. “My focus is to train a horse that is not only competitive, but also amateur friendly that anyone can show and enjoy. We raise some of the top quality halter and performance horses in the country, and I’m lucky enough to be able to be with them from day one. The foundation that each of these horses has comes from the very beginning, I enjoy watching them learn and grow. It means a lot to me when one of the horses I worked with as a youngster goes on to be successful in the show ring even if I’m not the one showing them. One of the best parts of the Ohio farm is that our young stock is able to grow up in fields and have a natural environment to live in. From their yearling year until we are ready to bring them in to start the under saddle training, we allow them to live and grow as naturally as possible while still being under our watchful eye. I think this plays a huge role in the health and longevity of them as show horses. I credit my grandfather, Dean Wikel, for creating a program that sets these horses up for a happy, healthy, and successful show career As Dean always says, “We create horses that have both form and function. I raise horses pretty enough for the halter arena and athletic enough to have successful performance careers.” The basis of that comes from a horse that has a good foundation.”

One of Tory’s main goals is to show the public how amazing and versatile the Arabian horse is and to get more people involved with our breed. She strives to make this a possibility through her hard work and determination.

Kenny McDonald:
Halter Horse Training & Sales

At only 20, Kenny McDonald is the youngest to make National Horseman’s Under 40 list, but as the son of respected trainer Gary McDonald, his knowledge of Arabian horses spans a lifetime. Already, he has traveled the world training halter horses and attending shows, and he has won national titles in four countries. “The experience and knowledge that I have received with the diverse cultures’ appreciation for the breed and showing is definitely something I am very proud of,” he says.

One of Kenny’s favorite things about the Arabian industry is the camaraderie among its members, and he himself is always willing to be a resource for anyone with questions, whether amateur owners or fellow trainers. At Pegasus Arabians, Kenny is dedicated to an individualized approach to training horses, while his competitive personality keeps him always thinking ahead and engaged in his work. At the end of the day, though, it’s always about the horses.

“Respect is one of the more important training approaches I use and that goes both ways,” explains Kenny. “When you respect and love the horse you are working with, they will respect and love you back; when you form that bond, the horse will trust you and you can accomplish anything together.”

– Featured in National Horseman Magazine | 2019