pegasus arabians

First as Wikel Arabians and then as Pegasus Arabians, Dean Wikel and his family have been creating exceptionally beautiful and athletic animals in a true family business. It has been a successful enterprise from the very beginning and set the stage for producing the type of horse they would soon become known for. From the very first horse ever bred under the Pegasus Arabians moniker, the Pegasus Arabians breeding program took off to create a legacy that continues to flourish in both performance and halter.

Particularly over the last five years, Pegasus Arabians has developed into one of the most impactful breeders in America, pulling in numerous important year-end or competition-related titles. In 2014, Pegasus Arabians was acknowledged as the Leading North American Halter Breeder; in 2015 they were on the list as a Leading Breeder of National Champions. The acknowledgements for excellence in breeding continued. In 2016, they were a Top Breeder of National Champions and Reserves; in 2017 they were a Leading Halter Breeder at the U.S. National Championships. [read more]